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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some Videos Tributes

Here's some videos of some of The Virginian characters;)

This video Features "All The Way" by Capital Kings;)

This video features the song "Hero" by Skillet;)

Hope you like;)

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

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(James Drury;))

Today is James Drury's 82 birthday;) "Happy Birthday, hope ya have a great one!!!"

I'm going to post some pictures of James Drury and a video I made (Which features the song "Collide" by Skillet;) )!

So here goes....;)

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Image result for james drury

Image result for james drury

Image result for james drury
Best friends;)

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(Men From Shiloh)

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Image result for james drury and doug mcclure

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A tribute to: The Shiloh Ranch Owners

I hope ya like;) Let me know what you think;)


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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Shiloh Gals

Here's a video I made of the Shiloh Ranch Gals!!!

Check back to the previous post to check (if u forgot) on who they are!!!

God BLESS!!!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Virginian Month/Introducing The Characters and Plot

April 17th is actor James Drury's 82 birthday! I'm a HUGE fan of the old TV Western The Virginian, so all this month I'm going to be posting pics and videos, and whatever comes to mind.
So on this first day of April I'm going to introduce the characters of The Virginian and the plot of the 9yr long running western!!!

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 (My plot)

The Virginian is set in Medicine Bow, Wyoming in the late 1800s, The show centers around Shiloh ranch, and it's foreman (The Virginian), top hand Tramps, Shiloh ranch owners, and all the other hands/friends that came and went through the series. It's a great illustration of friendship, loyalty, and some good old western fun and action!!! In the last year of the show the title was change to "Men From Shiloh"!!!

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Image result for james drury

The Virginian (James Drury) is the foremen of Shiloh ranch, he has more of a serious character but with a sarcastic/funny side! And is probably my FAVORITE character!!!

 Image result for trampas in the virginian
Trampas (Doug McClure) is The Virginian's best friend and a loyal ranch hand. He is the funny 
side-kick if the show, but underneath his immature boyish self, is a very mature man! Trampas was in the show until the very end!!!

Image result for d judge garth in the virginian

Judge Henry Garth (Lee J. Cobb) is my favorite Shiloh owner. He's a great boss and father!  He played in The Virginian 1962-65

Image result for emmett ryker the virginian,"

Emmet Ryker (Clu Gulager) came to the show in season 3, he is as ex-gunman who becomes a Deputy. He has a cautions character, very watchful. He also has a funny side. Clu Gulager played in The Virginian 1964-67! He is one of my favorite character!

Image result for steve in the virginian
Steve Hill (Gary Clarke) is goodhearted cowhand and good friend to all at Shiloh. He was in The Virginian seasons 1-2 and appeared several times in season 3!

Image result for randy boone in the virginian on his horse
Randy Benton (Randy Boone) is a good old country boy, with a friendly spirit, a boyish glee, horse lover, and could out sing any ole cowboy! Randy was in seasons 2-4!

Image result for betsy in the virginian
Betsy Garth (Roberta Shore) is outgoing (loves to wear jeans and ride horses), loves to pick on the ranch hands, a great daughter, and best friends with all the ranch hands! Betsy was in seasons 1-3 and appeared once in season 4 for an wedding episode!

Image result for elizabeth on the virginian
Elizabeth Granger (Sara Lane) is also quite the outgoing sort, she came to Shiloh in season 5 when Charles Granger, her Grand-Dad, bought Shiloh ranch. She gets along great with the ranch hands as well, and she is very fun-loving! She was in season 5-8!

Image result for John McIntire in the virginian
 John Granger, (John McIntyre) is the 3rd Shiloh owner to come into the seasons. He is a great boss, uncle to Elizabeth, and a great husband to is wife, Holly! He was seasons 6-8!

Image result for Jeanette Nolan in the virginian
Holly Granger (Jeanette Nolan) is the wife of John McIntyre, a great ranchers wife and quick to step in and help when there's trouble! She was in seasons 6-8!

Image result for stacy the virginian
Stacy Granger (Don Quine) is the brother of Elizabeth, Grandson of  Charles Granger, and nephew of John Granger! He works as a ranch hand on Shiloh, making a place for himself! He's load of funs too!

Image result for charles in the virginian
Charles Granger (Charles Bickford) was the 2nd Shiloh owner but only lasted only in season 5. He's a nice guy but not my favorite owner...!

Image result for jennifer the virginian, in the episode "Jennifer
Jennifer Sommers (Diane Roter ) took Betsy place in season 4, she came as Garth's niece. She is nice but my lease favorite Shiloh girl but she okay! She was in just season 4!

Image result for david sutton the virginian
David Sutton (David Hartmen) entered The Virginian Cast in season 7 and was only in season 7! He is shy of the ways of the west, having been an ex-medical student. But he is fun loving and is a great Shiloh ranch hand!

Image result for beldon on the virginian
Beldon (L. Q. Jones) is a ranch hand and appears in The Virginian quite often! He first appeared in season 2 and went on up to the last season , Men From Shiloh,  (appearing once)! I've not yet seen 8 so I don't know if he's in 8. Beldon is one of my FAVORITE characters!

Image result for stewart granger in men from shiloh
General Mackenzie (Stewart Granger) was the British Shiloh ranch owner in the last season, Men From Shiloh! He's a good to go guy, great boss and friend!

 Image result for lee majors men from shiloh
Tate (Lee Mayjors) was in the the last season, Men From Shiloh as a ranch hand! I prefer his role as Heath in The Big Valley over this but it's good!

Image result for morgan starr the virginian
Morgan Star (John Denher) was only in the show in the last half of season 4. He came to run Shiloh ranch!

Image result for james horn in the virginian
James Horn (Tim Matheson) starred in season 8 and I've not yet seen that so I have no insight on his character...!

Well I HOPE you will enjoy this Virginian Month and hopefully start watching the old classic!!!

With God's Eternal Love!!

God BLESS!!!!!!